China Dynasties

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China Dynasties

Shang Dynasty The Shang Dynasty emerged around 1700 B.C. The Shang Dynasty ruled the area in the Huang He valley. Anyang was a city in the Shang Dynasty were artifacts were first found. Jade was valuable in the Shang Dynasty because it symbolized power. There were social classes such as Nobles, Artisans, Traders, Farmers, and Slaves. Religion was centralized on ancestor faith. They would ask their ancestors questions and crack a oracle bone or shell. The crack was the answer. A holy man or king would translate the message.

China Dynasties

Art and Writing Characters stould for words in ancient China. They are called logographs. Spoken language varried from place to place. Shang artists were skilled with bronze and jade .They made drawings of mystical creatures too. Jade was considered to represent the qualities of a superior person and the hardness and shininess of jade stood for wisdom and kindness. TechnologyThe Shang made many bronze tools for war. They were exteremly skilled with bronze, making them powerful.

The Zhou DynastyWhen the Zhou Dynasty conquered the Shang Dynasty, they claimed they had the Mandate of Heaven, meaning that heaven was in favor of their ruling. The king of the dynasty was considered the son of heaven. Warring PeriodFor about 250 years, six or seven states fought for power. Each lord, wanted more and more land.


Zhou History


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