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China By: Sebastian Hurtado

Do you know what temples are like in china? When you think of the word temple what usually comes to mind is a cave type structure. Temples in china are not at all like a cave. Temples in china are a tall structure that build the edges of a temple. The middle is stone tiling in the center of a temple there is a small box with many sticks. There is also a structure shaped like a well, but it has fire in it.At temples people can buy some sticks. With those sticks people burn them with the fire,and bow towards each direction. In some temples there are tall towers that you can toss coins in for good luck. In buddist temples there is a large room with a gold statue in it. that gold statue is buddah, a chinese god. People put their knees on a cushion and bow towards the large statue of buddah.


The construction of the Forbidden city started in 1407. Once it was finished in 1420 it had about 9,000 rooms. The Forbidden city was not always called the Forbidden city. In the ming and quing dynastys the Forbidden city was called the imperial palace. In the Forbidden city many emperors lived like emperor puyi, emperor taizu, emperor dezong, and emperor shengzu.That is just the history of the Forbidden city. Now people can go visit the Forbidden city. Some rooms you can see are the hall of clocks,and the taihe gate. sadly there are some unopen areas like the wuying gate. inside the Forbidden city there are many halls like the hall of worshiping ancestors.

The great wall of china was built in about 221 B.C. The great wall's construction was ordered by emperor Quin Shi Huang. During the construction of the great wall about 400,000 people died. Most of them were buried amongst the great wall. The great wall was mainly constructed in the ming dynasty. It was used to protect china from attack by other countries.Now people can go visit the great wall of china. You go up on a cable car. Then you are on the wall. You can walk as long as you want ,but to walk the whole thing it takes fifteen years to just walk it. Once you go back you can go back on a cable car or on a tobogan. A tobogan is like a seat combind with a go-kart,but two things different. those two things are no wheels and lever operated. Then you get on the trac and WHOOSH you go down the track. Then you go back on a shuttle bus.



the currency used in china is called yuan

the population of china is 1,303,701,000

The Great Wall

Bibliography not really) my brain

this picture here shows a part of the great wall of china

this is buddah a chinese god

the forbidden city is a large city in china


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