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Social Studies

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Chinese eat rice and fish. they also EAT cow blood and cook foriegn fruits that taste weird to us but deliscious to them i think some chinese foods are good.

China is one of the most busy towns it has alot of tourists plus its actually over populated they say only a few foriegn people can come in at a time.


the great wall.

Princess Wencheng.

Kimono Traditional dance

Princess Wencheng is a feirce warior she killed many of her husbands she is known all over China you have to bow or your head was clean off. her name struck fear into the Chinese. but that was the year 2001. Princess Wencheng wouldn't go anywhere without her sword.

star 105.3 is doing a pledge drive for the Chinese that are abandend by there husband and left on the street with a kid by their side they have barley anything to eat. sometimes there's not even food in the garbage for them

there traditional dance you only see three times a year people travle from al over the place just to see them dancing.


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