[2015] chenchen zhan: China

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[2015] chenchen zhan: China

Summer Palace in northwestern suburbs of Beijing, is a world-famous imperial garden. It consists of the Summer Palace, Wan Changchun Garden Spring Garden and composition, also called Yuanming three parks. In addition, there are many small garden, located in the Old Summer Palace east, west and south side.

Yuanmingyuan destruction is incalculable loss of the motherland in the history of culture, but also the loss of the world's cultural history immeasurable!

Destruction of Yuanmingyuan

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Zhongxinggongyue around like around the Summer Palace.Yuanmingyuan, there is the magnificent hall, there are exquisitely carved pavilions; there is a symbol of the lively markets' trading Street, "there are a symbol of the idyllic township Murano. Many scenes are modeled on the park built around the spots, such as sea 宁安澜 Park, Lion Grove Garden Suzhou,

Hangzhou West Lake Pinghuqiuyue, Lei Feng sunset; there are many scenes are based on the ancient poet's poetic construction, such as Penglai Yaotai Wuling spring. The garden is not only the national building, as well as the Western landscape. Walk the park, like roaming in different places to enjoy the scenic and foreign; frequents the meantime, feel like being in a fantasy realm.

Yuanmingyuan not only magnificent architecture, but also a collection of the most precious historical relics. Since the Qin Dynasty bronze ritual vessels, under the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties of famous paintings and various valuables. So, it was the world's largest museums, galleries.October 6, 1860, British and French forces invaded Beijing, Yuanmingyuan broke. They can take away all the things the park, all looted; not even move, just use carts or handling animals; it's movement will not go on any damage, destroyed. In order to destroy evidence, October 18 and 19, more than three thousand invaders ordered fire in the park. Even the fire burned for three days, smoke enveloped the whole city. The essence of garden art treasures, architectural art, so turned it into ashes.


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