[2013] nat her (Block 2): China

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[2013] nat her (Block 2): China

The national animal of China is the Giant Panda. The goverment had choose the Giant Panda as their national animal to give them more protection.

The Great Wall emerged as the most common emblem of China for the Western World. A representation of the barrier maintained by the Chinese state to repel foreign influences.

The Great Wall is a series of fartifactions made of stone, brick, wood, and other materials. It was built to protect the Chinese Empire from invaders or military forces.

Ancient China:- The goverment was ruled by an Empereor.- They had little education.

Modern China:- They have central goverment with a president.- They have high quality education.

The capital of China is Hong Kong.

The current leader of China is Xi Jinping.

Two important cities of Ancient China are Hangzhou and Beijing.

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The main religion in China is Taoism.


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