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Baby Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee (photo from wwf)

Chimpanzee and it's child

Chimpanzees at the zoo

diferens between human and chimpanzee

Chimpanzee in it's habitat


IntoductionThe Chimpanzee has the scientific name is Pan Troglodytes. This species of ape lives in the forest, like most apes. The Chimpanzee population is about 172,700 as World Wildlife organization says. The Pan Troglodytes is endangered.

DietThe Chimpanzee is a omnivor like humans. Unlike humans the Chimpanzee eats insects. The Chimpanzee also eats medium sized animals. Other than meat they eat plants including flowers, blossoms and seeds.

Habitat The Chimpanzee lives in 21 different places in Africa. They spend most of their time in the tree tops. This species lives in swamps and open woodlands. Some other places Chimpanzee live is in moist and dry forest.

physical appearanceThe Chimpanzee has long black hair covering their body. They have a pinkish face. The Chimpanzee has thumbs and toes to help to help them grip on to objects. The Pan Troglodytes has no tail, unlike most apes.

PredatorThe Chimpanzee main predator is other animals. Baboons and big snakes eat baby Chimpanzees which is sad because there are a lot of big snakes in the world. Another predator of the Chimpanzee is leopards.

Humans ImpactOur actions have a bit to do with Chimpanzees. We chop down their trees which is the main bad bad thing we do.

FACTS!!Jane Goodall in 1960s found at about the ChimpanzeeThere is a disease that kill thousands of ChimpanzeesChimpanzees are humans closest relative

The Chimpanzees are our closest relative so we needed to look after them.

cut down forest


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