[2014] Emily Coyne (LA-LIT 7U): Chimera

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[2014] Emily Coyne (LA-LIT 7U): Chimera


This mythical creature is know to have many different forms.

The two headed dragon in "How to Train your Dragon" is based off/ has the comcept of a mythical chimera.

The word chimera is the Greek word for "she-goat". As legends tell it lives in present day Turkey.The chimera is a female monster so, over time women were seen as mosters.

This creature symbolzes the cold of the winter but soon became a vision of evil

It's known for having a head of a lion, a head of a goat, a snake head as a tail, and wings like a dragon.

The king of Caria, Amisodarus, raised a Chimera to reign terror on the surronding areas. Unleashing a beast into the wild.


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