Chile in 1973

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Chile in 1973

Our country was doing very well when it came to the a non-inflating cash flow for over 20 years before 1972. Since the United States receded their support to us from the inflation was difficult to maintain but we had managed to do it until 1973. That was when the United States replaced Allende with the military leader of Chile, Pinochet. When Pinochet came into leadership, the inflation skyrocketed (see graph below). We need help stablizing the inflation rate back to an acceptable amount per year while also stablizing the rest of the economy back to its previous conditions.


'70 - Allende is elected president '70-73 - Chile's economy flourished '73 - Allende is found dead'73 - Coup d' etat'73 - Pinochet

The relationship between Chile and United States, whose role in the military coup gave Pinochet control, seriously declined as a result of the repressive schemes and human rights abuses undertaken by the military regime, leading to a ban on Chilean arms aid and purchases from the United States. During all this, the United Nations Human Rights Commission kept a close watch on events in Chile.


Chile in 1973



The Chilean government for the past years is not something to be proud of. If while supplying a good economic system, you could also provide a stable government that would not act illegaly to each other, would be appreciated immencely by the Chilean civilians. The coup d' etat was not one of Chile's proudest moments and we hope we do not have to relive another event such as that or the death of Allende.

Salvador Allende


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