Children's Rights

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Social Studies

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Children's Rights

kids should not be sexually abusedno child should get abused in any way it is really gross that people are being sexually abused around the world that is why no child should have to even see it or it done to you.

Have the right to not take drugs We don't need kids getting in to drugs it will reck there life and then we will have more one punches under the fase of drugs and then they will get very violent with family or friends and that is gong to lead into more deaths and injers because they took drugs and they will be a danger to them self.

Children's RightsBy Jasmine Raynor

Kids have the right to go to schoolBecause people need to learn to read and write tomake a story or to read a story and every kid should have that in there life that is why kids should go to school and learn.


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