Children on the Homefront WWII

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Social Studies
World War II

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Children on the Homefront WWII

By: Lucas J.

American children working.

Children on the Home front were affected by the war in many ways. They tended Victory Gardens with their parents and siblings (If they had any). Some children worked on the planes in the factories, they helped with the Red Cross, or just worked out around the house. These kids also lost their parents for a while as moms worked in factories and fathers fought in the war. Children helped fund the war, too.The United States needed so much food to feed soldiers overseas. This encouraged people to grow their own food in Victory Garden. Many country kids joined the “Junior Soldier of the Soil,” a national group of kids who grew food in their Victory Gardens to feed people at home. By 1944, the United State was home to thousands of Victory Gardens.Children worked on planes, or in the factories. People would get scrap metal from the bombs and give them to the factories to help build the planes and weapons. For the kids this is about all they could do to help their countries. However they are helping with on many things that help the country.Kids on the Home front also helped with the Red Cross. The Red Cross is an organization that helps victims of attacks or bomb raids. People donated time, blood, and money. Many children donated everything they had. The Red Cross organization helped save lives of many American citizens.The war impacted the children. Their parents worked in the factories or out in the field fighting. This caused kids to go to daycare for the first time. Also during school they did not do ordinary things. They made clothes for the soldiers that were at war. The kids’ lives were impacted in school, at daycare, and everywhere else like at their homes.Children also helped finance the war. They helped sell war bonds. These helped buy the soldiers everything they needed. The kids raised millions of dollars to help with the war. The children made a huge impact on financing the war to get the supplies for their country. The children on the Home front were amazing.Now you can see that the children on the Home front did not have an easy time during the war. As you can see they tended victory gardens with their family. Some children worked in the factories on the planes. Many children helped with the Red Cross and worked around the house. A large amount of the kids had their parents gone for a while because their moms would be in the factories and their dads in the army fighting. Also now you can see that children helped fund the war. Children on the Home front had a very interesting and hard life during the war.

Kids contributing cooking fat for explosives.

Kid recycles rubber for war effort.

Children on the Homefront WWII

Students reading label for ration points.


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