Children on the fire

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Children on the fire

Author: Harriet Gilem Robinet

Title: Children of the Fire

SettingsThe story takes place in Chicago on October 8th-11th in 1871, during the Great Chicago Fire.

Characters:HallelujahElizabethMiss TillyEdward Joseph

BookreportBy Lucy, Amy, and Ella

Main EventsHallelujah is 11 years old, and is just dying to go see a real fire up close. Finally, her foster mother, Miss Tilly, let's her go with her older foster brother, Edward Joseph. She runs into a wealthy (and kind of crabby) girl named Rachel. Then she encounters a girl named Elizabeth. They talk to each other, and become good friends. Elizabeth realizes that she to can't find her way back to her family, so the two decide to adventure together. The fire finally stops, and the people are determined to build up Chicago again. Young kids start to sell "souvenirs" from the fire to help raise money. Hallelujah and Elizabeth finally return to Hallelujah's home. The LaSalles are busy helping people recover from the fire. Later, Elizabeth's parents come to their house, and the two best friends must sadly part.

Problem, conflict


What you think about the Book?

Hallelujah is fascinated by what will soon be known as the Great Chicago Fire. When she runs towards it, she is ready for adventure. But when she realizes she is surrounded by flames and houses that are burning to the ground, she takes back her wish. Now all she wants is for the Great Chicago Fire to stop, and to go back to her family.

On October 11th, 1871, the fire has finally stopped. Everybody is working together to build a bigger and better Chicago. Hallelujah, along with Elizabeth and other young children have been able to contribute by selling souvenires from the fire. Now Elizabeth and Hallelujah are both back with their families, and happier than ever.

All of us enjoyed reading Children of the Fire. It tells a lot about the history of Chicago. We also liked how this book would bring us to the edge of our seats. We would recommend this book to 4th-6th grader, who would would want to read history based book, with a bit of adventure.


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