Children of World War II

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Social Studies
World War II

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Children of World War II

Children in World War II

Almost every home had a radio or 'wireless'. People listened to the radio news, and read newspapers, to find out what was happening in the war.

There were no supermarkets. You went to different shops for different items. Food rationing began in 1940. This meant each person could buy only a fixed amount of certain foods each week.

Thousands of children left home for the first time as evacuees. In School, children also learned 'air raid drill' and how to put on a gas mask. At night, many children slept in air raid shelters.

These Children are not eating ice pops, they are eating carrots on sticks! This is because of rationing.

An air raid was an attack by enemy planes dropping bombs. Warning of enemy planes was given by sirens. When people heard the sirens' wailing sound, they went into air raid shelters.air raid shelter. Many people had their own air raid shelter, called an Anderson Shelter, it could be built in a small garden.

Cards like this were sent to every home. They told people what to do if there was an air raid. Doesn't life seem very hard?


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