Children of war

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Children of war

"I think it would make the world better if people had to fix things they broke. Like, if someone bombs your house, they wouldn't go away and do things they wanted to do until they built you a new house and fixed what they broke."Michael, 12

"When Canadian kids- the ones who have always been here and have a good life- start complaining to me about the little things that bother them, I just think, 'You have no idea.'"- R, 18

Children of War is a collection of interviews from children who lived through the Iraqi War. Most of the children currently are living in Jordan or Canada.

Children of WarBy Deborah Ellis

"To make the world better, every town and city should have places where only children can go-all children."Bashar, 12

"When I think, I am too much reminded of what I've lost, and then it's like I fall into a deep, deep pit, with no way out."-B, 16

"If I could talk to American children, I'd Say 'Take your soldiers out of my country. I want to go home.'"-Laith, 11


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