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Children Of War


Children Of WarD e b r o a h E l l i s

Knowing The Author :Debroah Ellis Best known for her Breadwinner trilogy, which has been published around the world in 17 languages with more than half a million dollars in royalties donated to Street Kids International and Women For Women, Debroah Ellis has achieved international accaim with her dramatic yet courageous books, giving people a glimpse in the lives of children growing in different placesaround the world .

Women For WomenAn organization that supports education projects forafghan girls in refugeee campsin Pakistan

So ..Whats it about? Well, the tittle of the books pretty much says it, overall its a book that has different stories of different kids and the stuff they've gone through due to war in Iraqi . Personally, I believe the story would have an impact on anyone who really read it and payed attention to the events occuring throughout the kids lives because we don't realize what we have could be what they desired - for example we complain about how we're moving to a different house or city while the kids in Iraqi have to leave their houses and move into refugee camps where they struggle with harsh conditions and little or no privacy .

- Between 1979 ' 2003 , the country was ruled by a Brutal dictator : Saddam Hessein-Christian Religion was divided into different groups- Kurd Men were forced to serve in the war due to their loyalty , but treated more like prisoners- Families were often seperated- Some people even got kidnapped, or worse beheaded- "As the end of October, 2008, between 88,373 ' 94,466 civilians in Iraqi had violently died as a result of the 2003 invasion

Overall, the conflict of the book was the aftermath of the war.

5 StarsI overall rate the story 5 stars for many reasons. Some of the many were that it was the type of story that changes how you see life, it also makes you think about the 'problems' we complain about, and last but not least it

The people i think would m0st enjoy this book would be people who like stories involving after war conflict

NonFictionusually, most nonfiction books include some type of life changing moral - and of course its based on real life events or at least believeable. -Kids of Kabul-Three Wishes-Making It Home

One of the many characters dealing with a major conflict is Hibba, shes a 16 year old whom had to leave her home in Iraq in July of 2003 for safety, got separated from her brother, and lost her father when he was kidnapped and beheaded. And, through out the book all she really wanted was a normal life. If I had the power to make the world better, first, there should be peace. (25)

Man Vs World


HopeHope is an adjective that really describes this story because its really what keeps the people going. For example Bashar delt with many conflicts but hope kept him goingUnrealAnother adjective that also describes this book is unreal. It goes with it because all the conflicts the kids go through - at even a young age, is pretty much unreal !

This certain quote stood out because usually people say they want more money or no more of something - but all Hibba wants is peace.

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"They killed children in my country, and we will be going to school with children who have never known troubles." Page 24


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