Children of the Holocaust

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Social Studies
World War II

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Children of the Holocaust


Mason HaynesSullivan Period 6April 11th, 2013

CampsBefore execution children were held in camps like all other Jews. Children usually died of malnourishment before they made their way to the gas chamber. "Children all around me were dying of starvation. You could always tell when they were dying. . . . Their bodies were thin as skeletons, and their eyes looked like saucers. . . ." (Grossman). Some children managed to fight rats for a meal and survive another day. Even through surviving hunger they would not survive the gas chambers, bullets, and crematoriums. The camps were the death of many children. Once they arrived there was no escape and their fates were sealed.

EscapeBefore the Holocaust some Jewish children escaped via cargo trains. They escaped to La Hille, France to hide out until the end of hitler's reign. "The parents, they knew what was coming" (Coldapper).These children managed to survive the Holocaust and the eminant death awaiting them. The children of La Hille are a small handful of Jewish children who managed to continue on the Jewish race. Other children who didn't escape the Holocaust were experimented on, killed, et cetera. Children surviving the Holocaust was very rare.

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CrematoriumsThe main way of disposing of children was via cremation. Jewish children were led into gas chambers along with their mothers and sibilings. These gasses quickly wiped out children for cremation. The bodies of entire families soon filled the crematory. Children were the first to go, almost no children survived. The only survivors were the children who could work themselves to death. "A chorus of screams rose from beyond the fence. I thought, Why are they screaming? So we're going to the crematorium. Doesn't everybody go to the crematorium? Don't all Jews go to the crematorium? . . ." (Grossman).

Life BeforeBefore the Holocaust, children lived happy, fulfilled lives. Children had freedom of Religion and were fed. They were educated and cared for. Precious valuables were lost when the Holocaust hit. Children had their friends and family. They also could roam without fear and desperation. Children could bathe, swim, et cetera without persecution. They were free and had the opportunity to live a happy, successful, and just life.


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