Childern of the Great Depression

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Childern of the Great Depression

Children of the Great Depression


During the Great Depression many families were left without money and jobs. Many of them were entertained by watching TV, listening to the radio and playing board games. With no money many families entertained their children with popular board games such as Monopoly and Scrabble. Other games that kids played were hide and go seek and card games. They also played hop scotch and jump rope. All of these games helped children stay out of family problems because of the great depression. Children also listened to music and the radio, during this time period jazz was a huge hit. They would listen to the radio, and listen to music and jokes. They would listen to comedians like "Amos and Andy" and "Fibber McGee." Children would read about "Superman" in comic books and watched the adventures of "Flash Gordon and Dick Tracey."They would also go watch; movies that were very popular were “The Wizard Oz,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” and “Gone with the Wind."

Food Choices During the Great Depression Self-reliance became the way for many people to live by. Many had gardens and raised their own livestock. This provided a food source. Most people own chickens, as the extra eggs could be sold for spending money.When the chicken was no longer necessary, it was eaten.


Crime & Drugs

Many kids turned to alcohol and drugs to show how rebellious they were. Teens gave a great deal of intrest to marijuana. They began to make new names for how they would smoke or eat the drug. There was also an increase in kids crime rate during the Great Depression. A committee member of the Crime Prevention Bureau stated, “Juvenile crime especially reacts to poverty and ill-health and most of our cases of delinquent boys and girls come from homes of extreme poverty” (quoted from Minors would also steal watermelons and would fish illegally. If a farmer grew tasty watermelons, everyone would know; it would be hard for teens to resist tasty watermelon on a hot summer day. They would also "stump" fish, which was when they fished with their bare hands instead of using a fishing rod. This was illegal.


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