Children of Elizabethan England

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Children of Elizabethan England

Children in Elizabethan England

Educationfrom the ages of 7-14 booys were often sent away for their schooling/work- many poor children of the countryside stayed home to help their parents with agricultural duties ' family- children living in cities went to cities to be apprentices in guilds

Education of the Elite- in school, the upper class children began school by learning Latin, later learning to read and write in their language of origin- could possibly extend to learning French, which at the time was considered a universal language

Birth - most children were born in a room with only women- baptism soon after, where the name and godparents of the child were assigned

By Bea Portela

Impact of Religous Life on Education- education was orginally centered around the Church, with many not being well educated unless they were nuns, monks, or secular clergy

MaturityGirls: 12 Boys: 14- age when they could begin to uphold their religous obligations + had legal responsibilities

Dangerous Infancy- this was considered the most risky period of a child's life, due to disease and accidents- mortality rates: - 25% died in 1st year - 12.5% from 1-4 - 6% from ages 5-9

Gentry and Nobility- began education at 5 home with private tutors- often sent to the homes of other high society families to work as a servant. where the learned aristocratic manners, and often underwent military training/attended knights (pages)

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Education for Girls- girls were taught what was considered appropriate at the time, such as cooking, embroidering, and weaving- nuns were only educated women at the time


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