Childhood Obesity

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Childhood Obesity

Target partners with underprivaleged schools in the community and supplies them with garden materials to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. Teachers extend this partnership by incorporating what they grow in their garden into a cooking class. This teaches them how to use their resources.

Fast Facts first resource located in Long Beach. The Childhood Obesity Prevention & Advocacy Program (COPA), has helped to create a variety of programs that promote nutritional education and awareness in both the community and schools. Some of these programs include Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) that focuses on improving the health of families in low socioeconomic areas (sponsored by Kaiser Permanente), and the Healthy Corner Store project, a partnership between local grocery stores and the community to provide healthy-eating classes, and healthy foods. Programs are also included within elementary and high schools in Long Beach. Check it out!

Childhood Obesity and Nutrition Partnerships


This is what the fast food looks like.

Above is a link to an OC register article that describes different nutrtional programs in local schools.


The Choice Isn't Easy!

This is the Pot of Arms!

Childhood obesity and nutrition is an important topic to focus on for many reasons. Children need proper nutrition and physical activity in order to do their best in school. It is imparitive that schools provide healthy measl for students to ensure their success. Devloping healthy eating and exercise habits in school will set students up for a long, healthy life. Below are several examples of what strong community partnerships look like regarding childhood obesity and nutrition.

"A child not physically fit cannot learn"



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