Childhood Glaucoma

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Childhood Glaucoma

Childhood Glaucoma

Teaching Strategies



Useful Technology


Family & Community Resources

If you are looking for an interesting and exciting place to explore with your vision impaired student we have a community All Sensory Trail in Pasadena, MD at Lake Waterford Park. My children and I have adopted this trail for the next ten years. We have started a group at Severna Park Middle School of volunteer to raise money to help maintain and improve this amazing trail. My son (pictured to the right) has been blind since birth (has had 4 corneal transplants, two cataract removals and has glaucoma in both eyes). This trail offers him the opportunity to explore independently which are what we as professionals (and parents) strive for with special needs children. Come out and join us!

1) Maryland School for the Blind 410.444.5000 www.mdschblind.org2) Wilmer Eye Institute John's Hopkins 410.955.5080 National Eye Institute The National Federation of the Blind 410.955.5080

Vision Impaired Trail in our Community

* Kurzweill* Apps for the ipad* Speech recognition programs* Refreshable braille display* Screen readers* Magnifiers/Screen Enlargers* Talking calculators

There are many different teaching strategies that can be used with children who have Childhood glaucoma. It really is going to depend on how much vision is impacted and each student will be different. Teachers should really observe the student and use the vision teacher as a resource. Some strategies that can be used are: Standing close to the student, over verbalizing and encouraging tactile exploration. Teachers should provide manipulatives when appropriate. Using a slant board to reduce glare can be very beneficial to some students. Having contrasting colors when doing a worksheet, making the print large and allowing the student access to braille if needed are also great strategies. The most important things as an educator you can do it set expectations high! Setting the bar high at the beginning enables the student to reach up and grow!

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