Childhood Divorce

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Childhood Divorce

Different age groups react differently to DivorceInfancy/Toddlerism--The child doesn't go through the distress of losing a father or mother. Pre-Schoolers who have divorced parents do just as well as those who have traditional families (Short, 2002).Pre-School--Children are more effected by Divorce because they have a better idea of what is going on. It may even be tougher for pre-schoolers than for school aged children (Short, 2002).School Age--Influence of parents can be substituted by that of teachers, or peers. Its still hard for them, but not to the extent of pre-school children. Adolescents-- It is hard to react at first, but as time goes on many adolescents find it easier to deal with the divorce of their parents. Jerome L. Short PhD (2002): The Effects of Parental DivorceDuring Childhood on College Students, Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, 38:1-2,143-155

Correlation of Divorce and Childhood Aggression

Chase Younkin

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Effect of Divorce

Adolescent Psych

1)Decreased Academic Success 2)Increased Criminal Activity3)More aggression is seen in adolescents who haven't developed their own social tendancies4)Age is a huge factor in determining the effects



  • grantlegare 8 years ago

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    I didn't know that divorce had that many effects on kids. And i like all of the pictures.

  • chuckie11 8 years ago

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    My parents were divorced when I was an infant/toddler. I never felt the pain of losing my dad. I always wondered about that.

  • marie555 8 years ago

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