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Child Soliders News

Child Soldiers

The issue with child solidersis since 2000 the participationof child soldiers has been reported the most armed conflict in almost every region.

This issue has affectedchild soldiers themselves by being put on the front line for combat. Over six millionchild soldiers has either been severly injured or have beenkilled.

This is where most of the child soldiers are fighting.The worst place for chlidren is in Uganda. Uganda is where mainly child soldiers fight.

In order to prevent child soldierswe need to try to stop the recruitment procedures and ensure children are not being recruited.

Child soldiers startedin May 1998 and arestill very strong today.Peace Direct is working with numerous Countriesto stop child solidiers.'biw=1024'bih=650'source=lnms'tbm=isch'sa=X'ei=5QfmVOTCLYnjsAT8lIH4Dw'ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ#imgdii=_''q=who+is+involved+in+helping+child+soliders'btnG=Google+Search'meta='gws_rd=ssl#q=what+is+child+soldiers'hl=en-CA'tbm=vid'hl=en-CA'biw=1024'bih=650'source=lnms'tbm=isch'sa=X'ei=7Xr4VNuBBdG0sASA3YHoCw'ved=0CAcQ_AUoAg#imgdii=_'


Child soldiers are children quite youngbeing put in combat.Childern have been recruited by Isis andAl Quiada.


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