Child Soldiers

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Child Soldiers


Child Soldiers

By:Ilona, Maria Elena, and Sofia

A. Children Soldiers live in an invisible world, where only very few people know about them. These Children are mistreated every day, and people couldn’t care less about how they feel. We will tell you what you need to know about Children Soldiers. Children Soldiers are mistreated kids forced to do all kinds of bad things. Children Soldiers are in mostly in African countries, and in some Latin American countries. These kids will most of the time be kidnapped, brainwashed, forced to kill their families , but other times, in really poor families, the children will volunteer, since its the only way they see they could earn money to support their family.

Children Soldiers changed the world because it made the world aware of the cruelty and lack of government control, it also has taken the human rights from these children,and children soldiers have made a lot of child refugees.

Thesis Statement

The practice of having Child Soldiers has taken away the basic human rights of people in Africa.

Child Refugees

Children Soldiers changed the world because it proves that people countries have no mercy, they are not scared to prove their cruelty, and are desperate for power. It also proves a big lack of government control over the laws and fairness over the country (ies)

V. As you have learned in our presentation, humanity can sometimes go crazy, and government can lose control, but also, you have learned that sometimes humans are so desperate for the need to live, that they will do things totally out of control.

A. The effects of Children Soldiers are very bad negative, because thousands of children in the world have been physically mistreated and psychologically mistreated. Children Soldiers have been shown no love or care, but awareness of this Children Soldiers situation has spread, now we can make a change. Child Soldiers have proved to us many things, has touched our souls and brought tears to our eyes. That’s why we have decided to make a difference.

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