Child soldiers

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Child soldiers

Children are "recruited" by being abducted from thier homes and ripped away from thier families. Children are often given the impression that thier communities will not welcome them back. (Small wars journal)

Children ages 12-14 are usually targeted because they are easily minipulated and less likely to escape. (Small wars journal)

Child Soldiers: Uganda

Edward is a Ugandan man(age 27) who was abducted and forced into the Lord's risistance army (LRA) at the age of 13. The first time Edward had ever heard a gun shot was when the rebels invaded his village and abducted the children. The children that survived the 5 day long walk were trained to kill. Children who tried to escape were killed by other children who were forced to do so. Whispering and songs meant for celebration were considered taboo and some children had to walk miles to fetch holy water for Joseph Kony (the leader of the LRA). You could only be promoted if you killed, and if you were hesitant to kill, you were made to lick the blood of the victim. Edward was one of the lucky children to escape and after being in the bush for so long he even forgot what a bank was. He is now rehabilitated and living a happy life. (Mark)

In 1986, Yoweri Museveni became the president of Uganda. In opposition the the government that was beng cruel and unjust to the north, the holy spirit movement was started by Alice Lakwena. When Lakwena was exiled Joseph Kony took over and changed it to the Lord's resistance army. Kony could not sustain the ranks so he began to abduct children to keep the army strong. (Invisible Children)

Child soldiers are easily minipulated and influenced, making them perfect for battle. They are not only as soldiers but also cooks, spies, and mesengers. (impact of armed conflict on children)

The UN has passed many laws to eliminate child soldiers but even if the laws are signed and ratified, not everyone enforces them.(young blood:children of war) Awareness has been made by the group Invisible Children with thier imformative films and events (invisible children)

UNICEF reports that there have been an estimated 25,000 children have been forcefully recruited. (small wars journal)



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