Child Soldiers in Somalia

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Child Soldiers in Somalia

Children as young as 10 years old increasingly face horrific abuse in war-torn Somalia as the Islamist militant group Al-Shabaab has targeted them to replenish its diminishing ranks of fighters. Al-Shabaab recruits children by taking control of a village, offering better living, schooling, improvement of the village. They then replace the schools instructers will Al-Shabaab recruiters who brainwash the children into becoming insurgents.

What are they used for?

What began as a independent militiant group in 2006 has now grown into a fullfleged terrorist cell, with it's own army and affiliation with al Qaeda.

The Child Soldiers in Solmalia are used for armed combet, spying, sex, and servitude. The children will often be armed and put on the front lines, essentially mowed down by gufire as the adult soldiers shoot and fire rockets from behind. the death rate for the children can be staggering.

Lasting Impact

These children often get killed, severly injured, maimed, raped, and permenantly disabled.

Food for thought

How many children have to die before the violance can end?

Child Soldiers in Somalia

The Soldiers


Child Soldiers


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