Child soldiers in DR of Congo

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Child soldiers in DR of Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has 57.5 million population.Of these 31 million are under 18 years old.In this country there isn't a compulsory recruitment age.Related to that there are 7000 child soldiers.The voluntary recruitment age is 18.Convention on the Rights of the Child Optional Protocol? Ratified 11th November 2001


1.Children were recruited from refugee camps in Rwanda2.They were used by armed groups in North Kivu 3. Children were arrested and tried for military offences and other crimes

Additional Information

The formers give them the opportunity to return to their home

Children were recruited and used to the armed conflict for combat and support roles.Thousands of girls as sexual slaves

It's an armed conflict because of explotation of mineral and other economic resources

Refugee Service --> education for preventing child soldiersBecome children peace builders in Congo (North Kivu)Claude Wiringye (ex-child soldier): "Going to school has given me back hope"RS builds a school and headmasters in the community, helping parents who cannot pay their children's education

Children recruitment

On the 4th of October in 2012,the goverment of the DRC and the United Nations forbade the recruitment and use of child soldiers1. They promote the prevention measures


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