Child Labour

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Child Labour

Fast Facts- 215 million children in the world are child labourers... that's 1/6 children!- Child labourers work an average 12 hours/day, 26 months/ year- Would cost $760 billion over 20 years to end child labour BUT would generate over $4 trillion economic benefits- Agriculture deploys 70% of the world's child labour

The International Labour Office released a video in 2010 suggesting efforts to eliminate child labour are slowing down

Young boy working in Vietnam

Child working in coacoa field- Namibia

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Children making bricks in Mexico

- Child labour is found on many different contients-Highest incidence of child labour occurs in Africa

Child Labour

Iqbal Masih- Pakistan

This map explains locations of child labour

CNN's article on 10 worst countries for child labour:

Young girl working in sweatshop- Bangladesh


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