Child Labour

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Child Labour


Child Labour

Child labour has been around seince the ancient romans.The world sasw a large increase in child labour during the late 1700's and early 1800's due to the undustrial revolution in the U.K. Seince then, many developed countries, including the U.S. and U.K. have passed laws

that prohibit child labour, but the problem still persists today in countries such as Pakistan and Mexico.

Child Labour Today

What is it?

Children, often very young, are forced to work long hours in dangerous conditions and get little to no compensation for their work. In many of these instances, these children cannot attend school and suffer injuries and problms with growth.

Almost all child labour today takes place in developing or third-world countries. 51% of child workers are in Asia, while 32% are in Africa and 7% are in Latin America. Nearly 250 milliion

children around the world work. An estimated 125 million of these children cannot be educated because they are working. These children are typiccaly working becauses their family needs the

money to survive. In extreme cases, children are kidnapped and forced into work. Child labour is directly linked to poverty. In some countries, it is so common that nothing has been done.

Some religous beleifs encourage child labour, and somtimes a child is used as slave labour or used as part of a loan.

What kind of work are the children doing?

61% of the children work in agriculture, fishing, forestry, and hunting.8% work in retail and trade services.7% work in transport, communications and storage

By Matthew Cooper

2% work in construction.1% work in mining and quarrying.On occasions children could be forced into slave labour, prostititution, or even a military.


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