Child Labour

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Child Labour

Child Labor

Most kids actully choose to do child labor and want to work do this to help there parnets and themselves because they are living in poverty and there parents don't really have much to take care of them.

In order to save money owners hired women and children to work instead of men because they would work for less money and lower wages.

The people that already worked there were scared to say something to the owners they did not want to lose their jobs and sometimes they were considered the victimsin some cases because they knew about it and they hesitated to stop the kids from working and helping them and then get the owner in trouble.

Child labor still goes on today in diffrent countriesmostly in countries where immigrants come from.Thisalso still happens in the U.S

Factorie conditions were alsopoor if they got people to workfor less money they would havemore for the factory.


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