[2015] jeffrey jie (Ms. Kirkhope): Child Labour

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[2015] jeffrey jie (Ms. Kirkhope): Child Labour

The Main Characters

Iqbal, a short, brave, talented boy that has a pair of eyes which are somewhat trustable.Fatima, a girl that has been working at the carpet factory for three years already. Hussain Khan, a mean greedy master that ownes the carpet factory and calls slow workers numskull.Karim, a overgrown child that can't sew carpets anymore. So now he's in charge of taking care of the kids and often likes to tell jokes and movies to them.Eshain Khan, the headquarter of a company called "Bonded Labor Liberation"Maria, a tiny mute girl that follows behind everyone like a shadow. But also the only girl that knows and taught every how to read ans write.Salmon, a strong boy that used to work at a brick factory and refused to talk about it.Ali, a boy that has never been to the tomb and doesn't talk much.

I think child labour is not right. Let's end child labour together!

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By:Francessco D'Adamo


The story took place mainly in a dark, gloomy, carpet factoy that stood underground, were children were beaten by their evil Master and the poor little laboures have to work about tewlve hours a day!The story also takes place in Eshan Khan's house were a company called "Bonded Labor Liberation" was held up.


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Child Labour

When young Iqbal was sold into slavery at a carpet factory, his arriva changes everything. He, was a brave dark skined boy not much taller than Fatima, but has a pair of eyes that seemed trustble. At the carpet factory, each children has a loan to pay of and has to work for 12hr a days to only erase 1 notch form their debt! Their mean Master, Hussain Khan calls slow workers numskulls and chains them into their looms. But Iqbal wasn't, he was a smart talented boy who was skilled at making carpets. Once he even made a Blue Bukhara, which was one of the most complicated carpets made in Pakistan. When Iqbal and Fatima became friends they often like to tells storys about their family. About how wonderful lives used to be and a promise given by Iqbal that one day they're going to fly a kite together. One morning, foreign buyers arrive at the factory. That's when the beautiful carpets are being sold. Most of the childrens made regular carpets but Iqbal didn't he made the Blue Bukhara. Today, Hussain Khan wants everything to be perfect. But in the middle of the show, Iqbal suddedely pulled out a little knife out of his pocket and cut the beautiful Blue Bukhara into several peices. Hussain Khan opened his large mouth and scramed showing his black tobacco teeth. That moment Iqbal was not afraid. But all of the other kids was. Hussain Khan stomped over to Iqbal and threwed him into the tomb. The tomb, was dark dusty and hot place that Hussain Khan used for punishments and people say that there are snakes and other insects in there. These few days Fatima, Salmon, Karim and Maria decided to sneaks into the tomb to give Iqbal food and water. It was so hard for them to get there that it cause them to get a little bit of bruises too. Iqbal was in the tome for 5 day. Until he came out with his lipes cracked showing that he needs water and his skin burned. Month past quickly, and the memorys of familys faces faded away slowly. Iqbal had made another Blue Bukhara and has escaped for the frist time. When Hussain Khan notice that Iqbal has escaped he made all of the other kids work 1 more extra hour with no dinner. As Iqbal was running away. He didn't know where to go. He thought about his family, but suddenly realize that his family will sell him agian. Then he stoped at a market. He had saw a company called "Bonded Labor Liberation." He saw the headquarter of that company and reailized his name was Essain Khan. He herd him gave out a speech saying "Child Labour should end! The evil greedy masters should be arrested!" and agreed on that. At the same time Iqbal slowly walked towards two polices and told them that he was laboured and how bad he was treated by Hussain Khan. So then the two polices followed behind Iqbal to arrest Iqbal's master. When the polices were knocking on Hussain Khan's door. Hussain Khan quickly pushed the childrens to a place near an iron crackly door which leads them to the deep dark tome. Everyone stood there saying to themselfs "What is happening! What's going on!" Iqbal walked inside with two policemans beside him. Hussain Khan said "I will give you guys two small stacks of money but you two must get out of here this instant!" So the two greedy policemans did exactly what Hussain Khan told them to and left the carpet factory without even saying a word. That day Hussain Khan had sent Iqbal to the tomb agian. He stayed in the tome for so long that Fatima loses track of the number of days he was there! One morning, Hussain Khan told everyone that he was leaving for a business trip and wants everyone behave very well. But when he returns, he finds that Maria has woven a kite of her own design. Hussain Khan was very angry that moment and said that he is going to send her to the tomb. But the other childrens came and said "If you send her to the tome, send me too!" Hussain with nothing to say realised Iqbal from the tomb and didn't send Maria. That night, Iqbal shares the story of his escape with his friends and shows them a flyer he had found from the market. He asked everyone in the factory how to read these words and the only person that could read was little Maria. She read it out loud "Bonded Labour Liberation" and read out the adress. After a whole year, Iqbal has saved his friends and arrested Hussain Khan by running of agian, knowing the adress of that company called "Bonded Labour Liberation", and by telling the headquarter of that company how badly the childrens was treated at the carpet factory. So After that, unsure of where to go, the childrens were taken back to the Liberation Front headquarters until they can be returned safely to their families. One by one they all returned and the only childrens left were Iqbal, Karim, Fatima, and Maria. Iqbal went to visit his family but then refused to stay saying that now he's going to work with Essain Khan to free all the childrens in Pakistan. When a month past, Iqbal learned how to free childrens and learned how to sneak into other master's factory to take pictures of the badly treated childrens. He helped free all kids of factorys and out of total he saved about 200 childrens in a month, and best of all, Iqbal and Fatima had flewed a kite together! At the end of december, Essain Khan told Iqbal that he had won the "Youth in Action Award" awarded by Reebok, and the prize was $15,000,00 and was told to recive the prize at Boston. Then he talked about Sweden. All the people in Sweden wants to hear Iqbal speak. Making it more exiting, he told Iqbal about a university that is giving him a scholarship!.........

Child labour is were poor family don't have enough money to pay for a situation. So they have to barrow some money from a master and sighs a contract saying that he/she will pay the money back. But as the deadline comes the family might have still didn't earn the money to pay the debt back. So sadly, they have to sell their kids at ages of 3-18 and now the children have to work at the factory to pay their parents loan back. Over 215 million childrens are in forced labour taday and the poor little kids have to work about 12hr a day with no education. They work in there dark, gloomy factory which has super bad conditions and the children were often beaten by their mean master. I belive that "WE SHOULD DEFINITELY STOP CHILD LABOUR AND ARREST THE DEADLY EVIL MASTERS!" I agree to Iqbal that everyone can help by donating food, clothing, or fresh water to end child labour!

Interesting Facts

Iqbal was born in 1983 in a poor community of Manidike outside of Lahore, Paskitan. With his mother Inayat Mashi and his father Saif. Just because Iqbal's brother was going to be married, his family needed money to pay for the celebration. So they barrowed 600 rupees ($12) from a man who owns a carpet factory and used the money to pay for it. After a few weeks, the owner of the carpet factery came and said to Iqbal's parents that the due date is today and they have to pay the money back. So in return, poor Iqbal was sold to the carpet factory at the age of 4, and was treated badly there. These days Iqbal was forced to worked there for about 12 hours a day crouching and stairing at his loom. Years past, as Iqbal worked and worked his loan had grown up to 13,000 rupees ($260.00) at the age of 10. All because of his family still kept barrowing money and the little amout of food Iqbal was served everyday!

It's all true!

"Me to We" is an organization started by the two brothers named Craig Kielburger and Marc Kielburger. That company is trying there very best to eradicate child labour!

"http:// www.productsofslavery.org" Is a wonderful site about where child labour is located, and what kinds of child labour that country have.

http://endchildlabor.org That site is about child labour and all different kinds ofslavery.

Iqbal giving a speach!

When Iqbal was ten he weight less than 60 pounds and was only 4 feet tall!It affected him because at the factory he has to bendover for so many hours that his back becamed curved causing him to stop growing, and his lungs were affected as well because he breathed a lot of dust from all these years at the dusty carpet factory!

http://moralheroes.org/iqbal-masih Is a perfect site for you to learn about Iqbal's life.

visite our sites and learn more about us?go tohttp://www.metowe.com orhttp://www.freethechildren.com


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