Child Labor

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Environmental Studies

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Child Labor

Child Labor inCocoa Plantations

Pascal, a young west African boy, and his friend Kojo are stuck in a cocoa plantation. Kojo and Pascal keep each other in check as they are closely watched by cruel supervisors. Le Cochon, the head supervisor has no sympathy for anyone. As young boys, Kojo and Pascal were taken to a cocoa plantation they were told that they would make money for their family.                Life in the plantation isn't all that easy. Breaking open cocoa pods all day really can make your back hurt. If Pascal and the other boys make an mistake they get beaten until they bleed. It is a harsh reality. Being young children and working in such a intense environment can be very stressful.                 Kojo and Pascal plan to break out of the plantation. Kojo accidentally tells another boy living in the plantation. Pascal decides to keep him quiet that he has to come with them.They escape in a truck carrying factory ready cocoa pods. The boys jump off the truck and run as fast as they can.              Pascal and Kojo loose Oliver, as he is too hurt to continue. As they travel they came across people that will teach them to defend themselves. Pascal then quickly finds out they are untrustworthy and runs away leaving Kojo. He goes to a refugee camp, and now he has the challenge of finding his family.

Summary of Bitter Chocolate

The Ivory Coast produces the most unethical cocoa pods in Africa.

It is dangerous for anyone to work in cocoa fields, imagine very young children doing this job.


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