Child labor

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Child labor

Child Labor today is a big problem throughout the world. Some families are really poor and have kids between the ages of 7 and up work in the mines or in other places. Kids work so they could feed thier families. They have a short life span. they live until they are about 40 years old. To the owners its money in thier pockets but to the kids its a death trap.

Child Labor played a major role in the industrial revolution. Childern were cheap labor and they could fit in all the small places to fix the machines.

Child Labor

Back during the industrial revoulution childern worked long hours form early in the moring to almost midnight, they got one 45 minute break for lunch. They also were put in dangerous situations where they could lose a finger or die.

The child labor problem is worst in Asia, where 44.6 million children have to work. Africa is not much better, with about 23.6 million child laborers, and Latin America has 5.1 million child laborers.

About 126 million kids suffer from child labor. In Sub-Saharan Africa they have 49 million children working. they have the highest population in the world. If they dont do a certian job right they will get beat and be sexually violenced by the emplyers.

During the industrial revolution, kids as young as 6 years old were dying on the spot. They were loosing limbs and fingers, but the owners did not care. It was money in their pocket. Children worked in horrible condidtions with long hours, very little breaks and sometimes without pay. Some became disfigured and others didn't get paid at all. If the owners did'nt like the job they were doing, they would beat them until they did it right. Children worked in factories 12-14 hours a day, sometimes up to 19, and only got 1 hour break in between. Children had to use large, heavy and dangerous equipment which caused many accidents or death on the job. Factory owners treated orphans to slave-like labor and justified food, shelter, and clothing in place of actual pay.


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