Child Labor in North Carolina

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Social Studies
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Child Labor in North Carolina

Child Labor in North Carolina

NC Social Studies Standards

Teaching through a Social Justice LensTo me Social Justice means to create an equal playing field for everyone. This creates opportunities for them not based on ethnicity, race, age, sex, or class, etc. We need to look at teaching Social Studies through this kind of lens. Along with being socially justice, one has also got to be socioligically mindful of the people around them. Everyone came from somewhere different. Teaching your students to be mindful of that and treat everyone's beliefs and practices with respect. We all have our different options and ways of live. Everyone should be getting treated equally. I think a teacher really has to focus in on this when teaching Social Studies. So many students discriminate against one another for wrong reasons. Every one of them can bring something unique to the table and it needs to be shared. I hope that when I become a teacher I can create a community within my classroom. We have been taught to overlook so many things when teaching. Teaching through a Social Justice lens will break down those walls.

4.H.1 Analyze the chronology of key historical events in North Carolina history. 4.H.1.3 Explain how people, events and developments brought about changes to communities in various regions of North Carolina. 4.E.1 Understand how a market economy impacts life in North Carolina. 4.E.1.3 Analyze the historical and contemporary role that major North Carolina industries have played in the state, nation and world. 4.G.1 Understand how human, environmental and technological factors affect the growth and development of North Carolina. 4.G.1.2 Explain the impact that human activity has on the availability of natural resources in North Carolina.

Example of Teaching Through a Social Justice LensChild Labor in North CarolinaIn today's classroom child labor if mentioned is only glazed over. The United States does not want to share this because it is a terrible time in our history. We don't want people to know the poor condiditons in which we made young children work. We don't want everyone to know about the long hours they were made to work. In reality this is our history and we need to be able to share it. We leave so many things out when teaching children. Children need to be taught to be sociologically mindful of our history. I want to teach them about how to be mindful and respectful of others around them. There are a couple differnt standards that I would incorporate into my lesson that would help reinforce this idea.


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