child labor by Maleah hart

by Mrsrousseau
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Social Studies

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child labor by Maleah hart

Let kids be kid's and stop child labor!!

They need a education!!

Use to back in the 1900s when child labor first started no matter what the age you could work now you have to be 16 with a permit.

The child labor needs to stop and let kids be kids! let them go to school and get the education they need. Let the experience what a fun life is about.and not working all the time. Back in the 1900s when the child labor started the eat,sleep and breath work. These poor kids worked from dawn to dusk. It is terrible how thes kids were treated!! (CHILD LABOR NEEDS TO STOP)!!!!

This kid looks terrible.He needs a education!!

Some people think slavery no long exsist but there is ove 8.4 million people in children in slavery right now who needs a good education were they can make somthing out of there self!!



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