[2014] Brice Ferg (Red Class): Child Labor

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[2014] Brice Ferg (Red Class): Child Labor

Child Labor Brice Ferg

child labor is used worldwide. It is usually used for paying off debts from one's family. Also when the kids go to work they are told they will get payed most likely they are never paid and are just given food and a place to sleep. The top ten countries that have been found to use child labor are, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Burdini, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Somalia, North Korea, and Myanmar. There are many forms of child labour worldwide. Children are engaged in agricultural labor, in mining, in manufacturing, in domestic service, types of construction and much more. Others are trapped in forms of slavery in armed conflicts, Just to pay off a debt from their parents. Most of these forms of child labor are known as the “worst forms of child labor”.

The moral issue of child labor is that, typically children under the age of 10 are doing a job that is most likely extremely hazardous, for the debt of something one of their family members owe. The big issue is that the kids are not being really paid at all and are being injured very badly. the working conditions are horrible and so is their living arrangement. Also their parents are told they will be returned and most times they are not. And likely the kids are not given an education. The moral issue of child labor is, children doing labor, that is the biggest issue. Also 22,000 children die every year that are under the age of 10. Children dying is a horrible concept to try to grasp, these little innocent children are dying and thats just the worst thing to know that is happening, so close to us. To conclude the moral issue is that their are so many deaths from child labor. and the people that are dying are kids under 10 years of age that haven't been able to really go anywhere in life.

Child of very young age, carrying multiple bricks of a large amount of weight.

Children that are very young, coming up from the coal mines.

Child labor happening in a mill.

I personally believe that child labor should be completely forbidden. I think this because it is killing thousands of kids each year, 22,000 to be exact. Also these children, typically under the age of 10, are doing these extremely hazardous jobs. Jobs which are meant for much, much older people. Which is tremendously injuring these kids and very often leading to death. Children under 10 should not be handling dangerous weapons like kids that harvest cocoa. They should not be carrying extremely heavy loads that most grown men probably couldn't carry. Its just an outrageous thought to have kids doing these jobs, because of a debt. Also these kids that are in most cases not getting an education which is a very vital thing to a young person, because that is the age that the kids really start to understand what is being told to them. So by taking those weeks, months, years away from said child ,that is pretty much ruining a big part of their life. Also every child in the world should have the right to be able to be a kid. Meaning that they should be able to play around, and have fun with their friends and go to school and eat healthy, and that is not being provided. So taking it back to the hazardous part of their lifestyle, these children are not being given the correct living environment, like what they eat and where they sleep. Also where they work, because that is actually causing a handful of the deaths from child labor because their working environment is dangerous.

map of what countries use child labor the most.

A chart of whcich countries have the largest amount of child labor.


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