[2014] MacKenzie Martin (Blue Class): Child Labor

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[2014] MacKenzie Martin (Blue Class): Child Labor

By: MacKenzie Martin

There are many reasons why business owners use child labor. Here are a few of the most prominent reasons. First, when children are used, they can do more jobs easier because they have smaller hands. For example: carpet weaving in India. Smaller hands can manipulate the Warp and Weft threads better and faster that adults. Another reason for using children for labor is that children are often sold to slavery to pay off a debt. All the factory owners have to do is loan money to poor families. These children are easy to have work, because the family needs them to.

There are many factors that contribute to child labor. Here are a few. The use of children is socialy acceptable in the contries where they are used. Second, the children are easily and readily avalible. Many children are sold to slavery to pay off a debt to a buisness owner. Third, many other contries turn a blind eye to the millions of sweat shops which we get supplies from. Many goods in our stores were made by children younger than ten.

For many child laborers, their day starts arround 4:00, two hours before my alarm goes off. School starts at 7:45, buy this time they will have been working for arround four hours. At 2:00, I eat a lunch packed for me after learning LA, History, and Science, while workers get a small lunch, after only working. At 3:00, I go home, while laborers stay till dark.

Child Labor

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Children fill millions of brick molds with clay.

A young girl carrys a basket of rocks and a shovle over muddy ground

A boy works in a charcoal dump in the Philippines


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