Child Hunger

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Child Hunger

Child HungerA Lasting Effect on Hungry Children Everywhere

How Many Children are Hungry in the United States?This year a report has been done and USDA said "49 million Americans, including 16 million children, are food insecure" (Feeding America State of Union Adress Response).That is 16 million children under the ageof 18, that are hungry as of 2015.Feeding America has a report that states "Among Feeding America client households with children, nearly 9 in 10 households (89 percent) are food insecure" (Feeding America Child Hunger).

Child hunger is everywhere, but we need to end it in our country before we help others. We need to make known that all of our children deserve the help that we can give them, through education, volunteering and vigilance.

End Child Hunger Nationwide Now, With YOUR Help!

Lasting EffectsChildren who have grown up being hungry, and cherishng every little crumb that they get, can have mulitple effects later in their life. These children can be more vulnerable to poor health, stunted development, they can have asthma, anemia and oral health problems. Feeding America also says, "When they are in school, children who are food insecure may experiences increases in an array of behavior problems including: fighting, hyperactivity, aggression, anxiety, mood swings, and bullying"(Feeding America Development).

How to Get InvolvedWe need to look through the eyes of those children, who are facing hunger everyday. Feeding America and food banks across America have joined in fighting this crsis of child hunger, but it can't be fought without help.There are 200 food banks in the U.S. that lead and provide 46 million people though 60,000 food pantries and meal programs. In order to help there are countless ways:Host a vituial food drive and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail it to your friends too! ' Volenteer at your local food bank' Donate, just a $1 provides 10 meals nationwide.


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