Child development

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Child development

Childhood Development

2 months old

Babies will: - coo-smile- react to noises

4 month olds

Babies will:- roll over- babble- show emotion

6 month olds

9 month olds

12 month olds

18 month olds

2 years old

3 years old

4 years old

Babies will:- crawl- move things from one hand to the other- communicate

Babies will:- understand simple direction- try to repeat words- begin to walk

Babies will:- stand alone- eat with their fingers- sleep less during the day

Babies will:- run- be more independent - form short sentences

Babies will:- have temper tantrums- pretend play- scribble

Babies will:- try to make sense of the world- are only aware of what's in front of them- shake, throw, and taste things to see how things will react

Babies will:- pedal a bike- carry coversations- complete puzzles


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