Child-Centered Curriculum

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Child-Centered Curriculum

TestsTests help sort children into groups with similar academic statistics. We are normalizing.What are students walking away with? Test anxiety.

Child-Centered Curriculum

IndividualityStudents should be learning how to take learning into their own hands. Each student has a right to learn with their individual needs in mind.We should be make our curriculum Child-Centered.

Management?Students who are learning because they want to cause fewer disruptions than those who are forced or unengaged. Allow students to work alone and in groups to foster the creative learning process. Individualized instruction is key.

What should we be teaching?


What are we teaching?

Get CreativeNo one method works for everyone. Experiment, encourage creativity, and allow students to explore their own interests within subjects. Students know what they need to do to learn something- give them the chance to prove it.

How do we get there?


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