Chicken Coop

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Chicken Coop

My Summer Project

Having fresh eggs at home is a nice way of eating healthier food, as you know exactly what food you chicken is eating. Better, you can choose which kind of diet they will follow. You can serve them organic food, free of bad chemicals.

This summer vacation I built a Chicken Coop. A place to keep chickens and get eggs. It was not easy, but I had so much fun. The only thing missing is to paint it. When I was a child I had many chickens and quails, from where I made a micro businness selling chicken eggs and pickled quail eggs. Now I that I live in a big house, I can have many chickens.. Very soon I can eat pickled eggs again!

Fresh Food

Chicken Coop

Why ?

Organic eggs facts:1/3 less cholesterol1/4 less saturated fat2/3 more vitamin A2 times more omega-3 fatty acids3 times more vitamin E7 times more beta carotene


This experience might be something big in your life. Can you imagine, you, an Eggs Farmer?Eating healthy food and also making money. That is not impossible. Everybody wanna fresh eggs.

4 eggs1 tbsp pesto sauce100 ml tomato sauce20 grated cheese150 g Tuna mayoneseMix the eggs with tomato sauce and cheese, and fry it in a fry pan with olive oil. Place the whole omelette in a plate, then put tuna mayo over it. Wrap it like a sandwich and then spread pesto sauce over it.

Hey! I can get you some eggs!



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