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The winter came early. It is so cold. Many of our people have frostbites already. My mother has many frostbites already. I don know how much longer our poeple and myself can handle this. Not even my father can handle this. His leather pants have holes in them. My sisters are also beginning to become weaker everyday. Before we sleep we pray to the gods to help us with this journey. WE practically hate the Americans for kicking us off our land. It was are land. This is incomprehensible.

We have made it to Oklahoma. My sister died during the last 70 miles. She had gotten sick. We prayed for her hoping the gods would take care of her. We are slowly settling into this land. Maybe we can make this work.

My name is Rozene and I am from the Chicasaw tribe. I am on the trail with my family and we are very hungry. We ate the last pieces of food last night. My 2 sisters are very dehydrated and so is my mom and dad. The cold is coming so we need to hurry to Oklahoma before we freeze.

The trail of tears when the indians were traveling to Oklahoma

The treaty Cheif John Ross wrote to stop the removal.

We are almost in Oklahoma only 70 miles away. Many people have died while we've been traveling. Many from starvation. We are so close to the destenation. Only a few more miles.


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