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Social Studies

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The Trump Tower has its own spa called Spa at Trump. The spa offers a gemstone, diamond, ruby, or sapphre oil massage and a robe menu. This place is where any teacher or Mother could get away. It olny took four years to build the Trump Tower. If you would like to come the address is 401 North Washburn Avenue. There is 92 floors of fun, relaxing, and much more.

By: Madison Hoskins

The Aqua building Was desinged by Jeanne Gang. There are 86 floors. Its not just a hotel its also apartmants, condos, and it has one of Chicagos Biggest green roof. It won Skyscraper of The Year in 2009. Plus you cant forget about the running track, gardens, and a outdoor pool.

The Pier was open to the public in 191 6. There is also a 7 story Shakespear Theater where our own here in Carthage Mr.Bucher could perform. The Theater won the 2008 Tony Award for Best Regional Theater. Plus the 15 story Fairs Wheel was built in 1893. A reataurant on the Pier is Capis Italian Kitchen.


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