Chicago Illinois

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Chicago Illinois

Universities at Chicago: University of ChicagoLoyola University ChicagoDePaul UniversitySports teams:Chicago Bears (NFL)Chicago Cubs (MLB)Chicago Bulls

Fast Facts - ...Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States of America. - ... It has 2.7 million residents - ... It has the largest number of U.S highways and railroads.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago City <3

Moving bridge

Ladmarks and monuments: Sears tower, Willis tower, Michagan Avenue Bridge, Picasso Statue, Buckingham fountain, lincoln momument.

Physical characteristics:~Chicago is located in northeastern Illinois on the southwestern shores of Lake Michigan.~It is located where it is beacuse back in the 1800s, waterways were common travel routes and towns frequently sprouted up at natural intersections.~Four factors control the continental climate of Chicago: 1) the sun, 2) weather systems, 3) urban areas, and 4) Lake Michigan. Two major controls are latitude and weather systems Solar energy is three to four times greater in early summer than in early winter at Chicago’s mid-latitude location; which results in warm summers and cold winters.

What makes Chicago unique?_ 37 Movable bridges_ A bright green river_ A pyramid on city st.


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