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Chiara Bautista

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Chiara Bautista Biography

Chiara Bautista, also known as Milk, is an artist with a very unique style. Her art has fantasy characters with stories of adventure and heartbreak. Milk's art shows a lot of human concepts in the life of mystical creatures such as wolves made of stars and bird skeleton men.

Many of her pieces have quotes of her own creation, that reveal little pieces of the characters stories.

About Chiara

Chiara Bautista is my favorite artist because her work is like nothing I have ever seen before. Every character she creates has a mysterious story of it's own, and the story doesn't unfold until you see every piece with that character in it. My favorite piece by Milk is the one with Bunny Girl and Star Wolf walking with a wagon of little bunnies, because I can't figure out who the girl at the top is... It's like Bunny Girl is someone she made up with this wild story, even though they are both fictional.

Recently a video game called Kindred, League of Legends has come out and two of the featured characters have a striking resemblence to Chiara's Bunny Girl and Star Wolf. The artist, who has been popular on the internet for years now, has already had her art being called "fan art". This is very sad, because she is losing credit for her unique ideas and creations.


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