Chewing Tobacco

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Chewing Tobacco


By: Elly Ren

“A lot of people still think ‘take a pinch instead of a puff.'” -Rick Bender

10 Things You Didn't Know About Chewing Tobacco1. Almost 1 in 5 high school guys and a small number of high school girls use smokeless tobacco.2.Cancer from chewing tobacco doesn't just happen in the mouth, some chemicals can get into the lining of your stomach, your esophagus, and your bladder.3. Nicotine in smokeless tobacco products absorbs from the mouth or nose along with other compounds in the tobacco.4.Chewing tobacco and snuff contain 28 cancer-causing agents.5. There is no scientific evidence that using smokeless tobacco products can help a person quit smoking.6. In fact, Using smokeless tobacco can lead to nicotine addiction and dependence.7. The amount of nicotine absorbed from a dip of moist snuff tobacco is three to four times the amount delivered by a cigarette. 8.Some people hold the wad of tobacco in their cheek sometimes for hours at a time9.Usually you spit out the tobacco juices, but if you're more addicted, you may tend to swallow some of the juices.10. Plugs are a form of tobacco compressed into a brick shape, and twists are braided and twisted tobacco.

Quitting Chewing Tobacco - Dealing With Withdrawal

Possible Diseases from Chewing Tobacco:Esophageal cancerLip cancerMouth cancerPharynx cancerTongue cancer


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