Chewing gum Matthew 123

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Chewing gum Matthew 123

The Need There was no need for chewing gum it was an accident! The ancient Greeks chewed bark off the mastiche tree which was called mastiche. More than 1,000 years ago the Maya Indians chewed a substance called chicle from a tree. The Indians taught the American colonists to chew sap, about in 1850, people chewed wax.

The Process The Maya Indians chewed chicle, a substance from the sapodilla tree. Thomas Adams, Sr. tried to make the chicle into rubber but it wouldn’t harden but it made wonderful chewing gum.

Timeline 4People: TridentDate: 2001 What changes were made: Trident white hits the shelves with patented ingredients to whiten and remineralize teeth. A lot of people copied that idea.

Timeline 5People: UK scientistsDates: 2007What changes were made: United Kingdom scientists develop nonstick gum. Was it successful why or why not: That means clean sidewalks so you don’t get gum on you’re shoe anymore.

Timeline 2Person: Thomas Adams Sr.Date: 1869What changes were made: In the mid-1960’s chewing gum companies began to manufacture sugar free gum.Was it successful why or why not: No, In the mid 1960’s it wasn’t successful because saliva produced during chewing lessons possibility of tooth decay.

Timeline 3People: Frank H. Fleer CorporationDates: 1928What changes where made: Dubble bubble was commercially successful bubble gum cheerleaders and little leaguers rejoice.Was it successful why or why not: Dubble bubble was commercially successful bubble gumYour text here

Timeline 1People: Neolithic peopleDates: 3,000 BCWhat changes were made: they chewed lumps of Birch bark tar. The tar tasted sweet, it helped tooth decayWas it successful why or why not: Yes it would prevent tooth decay.

Pop!the Invention of Chewing Gum

By Matt Room 123



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