Chesapeake Bay Watershed,(Assignment),Environmental Studies

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Chesapeake Bay Watershed,(Assignment),Environmental Studies

Address:City:State:Zipcode:County: Closest water source:Leads to:Then to: ...The Chesapeake Bay

WatershedAssignment :

Local Waterway Loaction Map Reading 101 03.11.13

How to read a map:

Steps to follow:

1) Find your street in the map index (back of the book, starting on p. 56) 2) Identify the page number & coordinantes for your street (it may have multiple)p. ______coordinantes __________3) Locate the closest waterway 4) Follow the path of that waterway to the next waterway, and so on until you reach the Chesapeake Bay. 5) When you have finished, we will watch the video in the link below

Your report needs to include:

Page #


Street Index



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