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Cherries can grow in most temperate latitudes.

Forms you can purchase cherries as


Health Benefits Cherries are an excellent source of potassium, which helps to lower blood pressure by getting rid of the excess sodium in our body.One cup of cherries is less than 100 calories and packs in 3 grams of fiber, which will keep you feeling full longer. Also, cherries contain many B-vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin and vitamin B6; these vitamins are crucial for metabolism and convert nutrients into energy.

Cherries are a deep red fruit with a seed in the middle of its flesh. They are drupes, and their most significant content is vitamin C and dietary fiber.

Sweet Cherries -Tart Cherries

Cherries have a very short growing season. Their peak season is in the summer.

Carbs: 16.1g 12.18gFiber: 2.1g 1.6gFat: 0.2g 0.3gCalories: 63 50 (Kcal)(Nutrient Value per 100g)





Look for cherries that have firm and glossy skin. The fruit should have no blemishes and should have a darker tinge. It is also a good sign when cherries have bright green stems. To store cherries for a short amount of time, keep them at room temperature. For longer, store them in the fridge in a plastic bag. If you have a lot, seperate them into smaller plastic bags to prevent from bruising.

Can you preserve cherries?

Yes, one way is to dry cherries, but that is pretty difficult to do at home. It is better to buy dried cherries. At home it is easiest to can or freeze them.


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