Cherokee Onaconas' Awwabs trail of tears

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Cherokee Onaconas' Awwabs trail of tears

Onaconas' (Awwabs') trail of tears.


Hi my name is Onacona and I am from the Cherokee tribe. My dad and I were just fishing for dinner when we found out about this absurd ruling. We both were shocked and were in a loss of words. This had been our home for such a long time and now the colonists want to kick us out. I got home and my mom was upset. She didn't want to leave. A few of the elders decided to go speak to the supreme court. We won the bettle and got to stay or so we thought because they forced us out anyway. Now we have went through amuch that chanded us. We have seen friends die at the hands of nature. They had to suffer which is way worse than anything else could have been for them. Now we must start a new life in a new land forced to us. The most painful part of the trail was seeing people suffer and knowing that there was hardly anything you could do while they die slowly for no reason.

What had happened to me and my life?

1. The wheather was a huge prblem.2. Another huge problem was mountains.3. I will never forget how hungry and thirsty Iwas during the trail.4. I will neverforget the animals we had to face during the trip.5. Finally one of the biggest of all was dought that I would make to the destination.








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