Chernobyl Disaster - April 26, 1986

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Chernobyl Disaster - April 26, 1986

Chernobyl Distaster - April 26, 1986

Chernobyl was a nuclear power plant that powered the city of Pripyat. During a low power test, reactor #4 control, causing and explosion and fire that destroyed the building around the reactor. A huge amount of radiation was released into the air. This was the largest nuclear power disaster in history, and has been seen by some as the main reason to not use nuclear power.

Pripyat, Ukraine. At the time, Ukraine was not independent from the Soviet Union.

Abandoned amusement park in the radiation zone

The city was exposed to radiation thousands of times more powerful that normal after the disaster, and was evacuated the day after. The city is still not open to the public and is abandoned. The disaster was covered up by the Soviet Union until a Swedish investigation about the radiation levels in the air arrised. Many people who came in contact with the radiation developed thyroid problems, cancer, and possibly died.

Destroyed reactor


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