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You must have(4) Images with detailed explanations of what's shown and why it was chosen; include concept explanation (1) Video to generally explain either a Bohr model, absorption/emission spectra, electron configurations, or quantum numbers; include why you chose it(3) Links to valid sites that provide additional information; include the title of the site being directed to (these are not sources)

The GlogYou need to choose an element and provide**A Bohr model of the element's atom**It's absorption and emission spectra**It's ground state electron configuration**The quantum numbers for the highest energy electron

Chemistry Element Spectra Glog

If you cannot find an emission/absorption spectra specifically for your element., then use any emission/absorption image and link it to one of the links listed below.( - this link;(

Quantum Atom

Video on Quantum Mechanics

Orbital Notation for Electron Configuration


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